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ZVCA delegation will attend Israel DLD Tel Aviv Innovation Conference

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   DLD Tel Aviv Innovation Festival is Israel's largest international high-tech event. The annual Innovation Festival attracts high-tech industry practitioners, entrepreneurs and investors around the world. The platform open to top technology talents, well-known venture capital institutions, leaders in various industries, and pathfinders seeking entrepreneurship.  In 2016, driven by the Belt and Road Initiative”, the DLD Conference was supported by numbers of Chinese and Israeli companies, investment institutions and the Israeli Ministry of Tourism. Hundreds of innovative companies, venture capital funds, angel investors, etc. Gather this  innovation city. 

2018 Israel DLD Tel Aviv Innovation Conference





Sponsor: ZVCA

      Time :Sep.2, 2018 - Sept.9.2018

      Team Number:15 

Sept.2 Sunday

    Beijing Capital Airport to Tel aviv Airport

Upon arrival, make a minor reorganization at the Israeli airport. We visit the ancient city of Jaffa, stroll through the Gold Coast, the world's largest diamond trading center - the Israel Diamond Exchange.

Welcome dinner.


Sept.3  Monday


Make a special trip to Israel's top venture capital JVP of Jerusalem Venture Capital Group. Jerusalem Venture Capital Group manage $1.1 billion, invested in more than 120 cases in a carefully crafted manner over the past 23 years. Currently, 12 companies are listed on the NASDAQ, portfolio The IPO rate is 10%.

Participate in International VIP Reception Cocktail Party hosted by the Mayor of Tel Aviv.


Sept.4 Tuesday

Participate in DLD Tel Aviv Innovation Conference. Topics including digital tourism, financial city innovation, smart cities, and creative cities.


Participate in DLD Tel Aviv President VIP Reception


Sept.5 Wednesday

DLD Tel Aviv Digital Conference: including keynotes, seminars, seminars, social and dozens of other events

Media reports: Entrepreneurs share innovative ideas with mainstream media

Startup Project Roadshow: Startup Entrepreneur Showcases Innovation Project on Boulevard Avenue

City experience:  Rothschild Street will be transformed into a party avenue, cafes, galleries, etc. on both sides will provide space for participants to communicate.


Sept.6 Thursday

DLD Tel Aviv Digital Conference: including keynotes, seminars, social activities and dozens of other events

Investor meeting: interaction between entrepreneurs and investors

Innovation Roadshow: Start-up entrepreneurs showcase innovative projects on Boulevard Boulevard

Industry Leaders Dialogue: Interacting with executives of multinational corporations, well-known venture capital institutions, and leaders in various industries

Innovation Festival farewell party


Sept.7 Firday

Visit the ancient city of Jerusalem, the Mount of Olives overlooking the panorama of Jerusalem, and the place closest to God - the Wailing Wall.

Visit the Jewish Holocaust Memorial Hall, enter the interior of the Tower of David Tower, admire the sound and light show of the Tower of David, and experience the magnificent history of the Jewish nation for three thousand years.


Sept. 8 Saturday


Visit the communist farmhouse Kibbutz: A collective community that creates the miracle of "deserts change grain fields" and learn about the world-famous Israeli drip irrigation technology.


Enter the Israel International Security Academy and join the officers to receive precision shooting, team leadership and combat training.


Browse the Dead Sea that is about to disappear, experience the exotic atmosphere, experience the Dead Sea floating and mineral mud SPA, soothe your body and mind.


Sept.9  Sunday

September 9 Tel Aviv Airport - Capital Airport T2


The specific itinerary is subject to the situation of the tour

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