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Wang Haibin, Chairman of Guangzhou Gofar holding, and his party visited ZVCA

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    On October 9, 2018, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Guangzhou State-owned Development Holdings Co., Ltd. Wang Haibin,General Manager of Guangzhou SME Development Fund Wei Dahua, Zhu Aiqiang, deputy director of Guangzhou State-owned Development Holdings Co., Ltd., visited the ZVCA, Executive Vice President of ZVCA Zheng Jie,  Partner of Tianxing Capital Ms. Qi Fei, and Deputy Secretary-General of ZVCA Ding Yongxiang conducted cordial reception and in-depth exchanges.

    Chairman Wang Haibin personally introduced the historical evolution and development orientation of Guangzhou Guofa. As the first state-owned capital investment operation platform of Guangzhou Municipality, Guangzhou Gofar  holding shoulders the mission of perfecting the state-owned asset management system. Through active and fruitful market-oriented operations, it has promoted innovations and breakthroughs in a series of major direction work, such as the construction of state-owned equity platforms, the reform of state-owned enterprises, and the optimization of the layout of the assets of Guangzhou.Also, it assumed the responsibility of maximizing the management and efficiency of the government's guiding funds and played a leading role.

   General Manager Wei Dahua explained the actual operation of the Guangzhou SME Development Fund, the screening criteria for GP, the government guidance funds to participate in the sub-fund's proportion of funds and how to promote the efficient cooperation between the members of the Zhongguancun Equity Investment Association and the government's guiding funds.


    President Zheng Jie explained in detail the establishment, development, professionalization, internationalization, membership dynamics and needs of Zhongguancun Equity Investment Association. In response to this year's industry phenomenon and the actual problems encountered by the parent fund and GP, the two sides discussed solutions and cooperation methods.


   Ms. Qi Fei introduced the development status of Tianxing Capital and the major projects and funds currently in operation. Chairman Wang Haibin was deeply interested in further cooperation with the Stars through his understanding. He also sent an invitation to the president of ZVCA Wang Shaojie, the chairman of Tianxing Capital Liuyan and the president of the association with the intention of cooperation. He hoped that ZVCA organizes the president unit to enter Guangzhou Gofar holding, implement and deepen cooperation.

     Deputy Director Zhu Aiqiang made a supplementary speech on the issue.



Guangzhou Guofa is a municipal state-owned enterprise supervised by the Guangzhou State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission.In order to implement the spirit of the Third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, further improve the state-owned assets management system, and strengthen the supervision of state-owned assets with the management of capital. In September 2015, the Guangzhou Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government decided to merge and reorganize the two group headquarters of Development Group and Zhu Beer Group to form Guangzhou State-owned Development Holdings Co., Ltd. As the first state-owned capital investment operation platform of Guangzhou Municipality, the delivery period played a leading role in the reform and development of state-owned enterprises in Guangzhou.

    As of June 30, 2017, Guangzhou Gofar holding had total assets of 63.8 billion yuan and net assets of 31.1 billion yuan. In 2016, the company's operating income was 25.8 billion yuan, total profit was 1.78 billion yuan, and taxes and fees were 3 billion yuan.

    In the future, Guangzhou Gofar holding will build a domestic first-class state-owned capital investment and operation company, promote the “big platform” of state-owned equity through the promotion of state-owned equity “big-scale”, implement “large operation” of state-owned capital, and realize “great development” of state-owned state-owned enterprises. To play the role of “accelerator” for advanced manufacturing, “guide” for strategic emerging industries, “transformer” for asset securitization, and “incubator” for high-tech enterprises. Strive to use 3-5 years to raise 100 billion yuan of investment and development funds, incite more than 800 billion yuan of construction scale, and give full play to the support, leading and leading role of Guangzhou Gofar holding in urban development, make due contributions to the promotion of the overall level of the construction of important national central cities in Guangzhou.

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