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No Boundaries' Obstacles! Look Through the World!“Foresee"the Future!

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The 6th "Innovation and Capital Forum from International Perspective"

Up to date news:

        Invited ambassadors and officials:

        Ambassador of Canada, Ambassador of Lithuania.

        Minister or Business Counselors of United States, France, Belgium, Russia, Canada, Australia, Spain, Finland, Norway, Laos, Latvia, Lithuania, Greece, Maldives, Mongolia.

       In addition, the United States, Canada, Israel, Australia, Britain, Brazil and other country agencies in China, investment institutions, enterprises will be present.

      There are still many embassies are under confirming process, we will update later. 

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         ZVCA is the most active international platform for private equity investment in China. It brings together the top exchanges in the world, gives insight into global investment opportunities, and expands the international strategic vision for domestic investors. It grasps the latest international investment trends and matches high- quality innovation projects. "Innovation and Capital Forum from International Perspective" is one of the most influential brand capital forum in China.

        Face to face with ambassadors; Gather global valuable resources. We are waiting for your attendance to witness how the future will be foreseen, and seize the future opportunities.

        Sequoia Capital, Co-win Group, Chi-na Equity Capital, SBCVC, Angel Plus, etc, and 300+ listed companies will be present in this forum.

Global vision connected:

      Focusing on the two major directions of "Domestic and International Markets" and "One Belt and One Road", this forum will promote the integration of domestic enterprises with the world, highlight the importance of strategic layout, helping to realize the investors' dream in China's dream and helping domestic entrepreneurs expand their international strategic vision and grasp the latest international investment trends and match high-quality innovative projects. it will help China's international capital development towards a brand new journey, the AI era!

"Innovation and Capital Forum from International Perspective"

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