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ZVCA Youth Investors • Hot Afternoon Tea Has Completed Successfully

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《Win the future - "Can and Cannot" of artificial intelligence investment》

President of Issue


Mr Rayson Wu

Executive vice President of ZVCA

Jujing Capital CEO

Over the past decade, we have continued to support local innovation through equity investment and industrial growth, and we are committed to supporting the growth and innovation of local entrepreneurs and industry leaders. It has successfully supported more than a dozen well-known domestic enterprises to land in domestic and overseas capital markets. Investment cases jointly developed with the team include Buchang Pharmaceutical, Xinyi International, Jinwei Pharmaceutical, Hujiang Education, Chinese Translation Language, CITIC Jiantou Securities, Wusin Technology, Netcom Finance, Baidu Takeaway, Wuxi Suntech, Focus Media, Ikang Guobin, Himalayan, Meiyu, Suntech, Lou Xiaoer, SF, Trina Solar, Meitu Xiuxiu, Weilai Automobile, etc.

Mr Xiao Hu

Co-chairman of ZVCA

Partner of Bright Stone


Master of Management in Nankai University. Mr. Xiao has experience in investment in venture capital, securities investment and real estate.In 1995, he entered the venture capital field and worked in Shenzhen High-tech Industry Investment Service Co., Ltd. In 1997, he participated in the operation of the first successful backdoor listing project in China that the first group acquired Guangxi Huwei and later became the executive of Sunshine. In 2001, Dafang Laser (002008) became the original shareholder and participated in the listing operation. In 2009, it established Akashi Investment, and later invested in a number of companies, some of which have been listed. In recent years, it has invested in many high-tech fields such as stem cells, graphene, artificial cornea, and vein recognition.

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【About the Author】

[Richard Watson]

Conducting futurology studies at Imperial College London and regularly conducting lectures at London Business School. His main focus is on helping individuals and institutions plan for the future. He has served as a consultant to many of the world's leading universities and companies, including Cambridge University, Imperial College, London Business School, Coca-Cola, General Electric, IBM, Shell and Unilever. With Future Files, the book has a global sales volume of 1 million copies.


Speakers in this issue


Quan Zhou —— Inno Angel Fund Managing Director

Morris Zhang ——Amazon AWS China  Leader for the VC strategy team; Researcher, Key Laboratory of the Academy of Sciences


Review of Investors' Afternoon Tea


Afternoon Tea Scene

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