2024ZVCA China-Gulf Countries Innovation and Capital Forum

2024.01.17 11:35

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“2024 ZVCA China-Gulf Countries Innovation and Capital Forum” was successfully held by Zhongguancun Private Equity & Venture Capital Association (ZVCA) on 15th January, 2024 in Beijing International Fortune Center.


The theme of the forum is "Joining Hands in Innovation, Promoting Common Development", aiming to promote communication and cooperation in the innovation and capital sectors between Gulf Countries’ and Chinese enterprises, build a platform for interaction between entrepreneurs from both sides, and promote common prosperity and development.


China and Gulf Countries have a long history of civilization, culture and economic exchanges, which has formed a model of civilization dialogue for thousands of years. And established a long history of friendship between us.


Our forum focused on the topics of continually deepen cooperation between both sides in the fields of innovation, such as Clean energy, modern agriculture, digital economy, trade, investment, high technology, health care, etc., to achieve common interests of both sides.


Mr. Wang Shaojie, President of ZVCA gave an opening speech to welcome the guests from Gulf Countries and China. He also emphasized that ZVCA will continue to focus its work on Arab countries in 2024. To build a convenient and effective cooperation platform for more Chinese and Arab enterprises.


Mr. Saeed Alghfeli, Head of Economic Affairs Section of UAE Embassy in Beijing and Mr. Ayidh Alyami, Representative of Ministry of Investment Saudi Arabia in China attended the forum and gave the opening speeches. Many entrepreneurs, investors, economists, technical experts have also given speeches. We also arranged the entrepreneurs, investors from UAE to have 4 on-line Panel discussion with Chinese entrepreneur VIPs on the forum.


Welcome to Contact ZVCA, and together achieve the Win-Win collaborations.



Opening speech

Wang Shaojie, President of ZVCA

Wu Kongan, Member of Standing Committee of the CPC Tongzhou District Committee, Deputy District Mayor of Tongzhou District People's Government

Chiu Yung, Chairman of Beijing International Fortune Center, and Fuwah International Group

Gan Lianfang, Chairman of Beijng Xingpai Group

Mr. Saeed Alghfeli, Head of Economic Affairs Section of UAE Embassy, Beijing

Economist speech

Investment Environment in Saudi Arabia and New Opportunities for China- Saudi Arabia Cooperation

Ayidh Alyami, Representative of Ministry of Investment Saudi Arabia in China

A New Vision for China-Gulf Cooperation (Energy, Climate and others)

Guan Qingyou, Dean of Reality Institute of Advanced Finance. Chief Economist of ZVCA

Open cooperation of BRICS investment funds and sharing opportunities with Gulf partners

Gao YunlongGT CAPITAL Co.,Ltd

Opportunities for cooperation in infrastructure development in Gulf countries

Liu Jialin, CEO Assistant& Investement manager of China Harbour Engineering Company Ltd. 

Panel discussion

Panel discussion: Win-win strategy of China-Gulf cooperation

Yue Jianming, Chiarman of SanLeng Hi-tech Holding Group

Bai Liang, President of Beijing Junyang Investment Co., Ltd.

Zhang Jinsheng, Executive President of Tus-Holdings Co., Ltd. ; Chairman of TusPark Business Incubator Co., Ltd.

Bian HuaduoChief Economist of Far East Holding Group Co.,Ltd

Online Panel discussion

Panel 1Cultural Exchange and Tourism Cooperation with the Gulf Region (Cooperation in cultural tourism, sports, and aviation industries with Chinese enterprises)

Yang Shaofeng, CO-PRESIDENT of ZVCA

Jason Liu, Vice President, Commercial, HAINAN AIRLINES HOLDING CO.,LTD.

Liu Li, Office Director of China Red Sandalwood Museum

Gan Jiageng, President of Beijing Xingpai Sports Goods Group


Mohammed Al Katheeri 先生, Gewan Investment投资集团CEO

Waleed Al Hudhud先生, Marasi Property Development房地产开发集团CEO

Panel 2Sharing Global Investment Opportunities and Family Wealth Succession ideas(Cooperation in family wealth inheritance, new energy, health care, and construction technology with Chinese enterprises)

John Liu, Capsyn Investment, Founding Partner

Henry Zou, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Henry Group;Board Chairman of Henry Group

Lexy Chiu, President of Fuwah International Group

Yuan Yue,Investment CEO of Xinte Energy CO.,LTD

Xiong Yide, Chairman of Zhongchu (Xiamen) Investment Co., Ltd


Alaric J Errington,阿布扎比Serdal Holding控股集团首席投资官

Panel 3Factors of Global Strategy Selection for Digital Banking (Cooperation in Digital Banking & fin-tech industry with Chinese enterprises)

Cao Tong, Chairman of SHR Bank

Kevin Lin, Managing Partner, DNV Capital Limited

Tian LUAN, Managing Partner of Dubai Royal family Privite Office Seed Group Consultancy  


Dr. Hamad Al Ali先生, RSP皇室资本投资集团 CEO

Nabeel Altattan先生,RSP皇室资本投资集团CFO

Panel 4: Chinese companies listed on the Middle East stock market for financing 

Wang Zheng, President of Hexuan Capital

Wang Ying, Senior Partner IVY Capital

Wu Changchun, Chairman of Shanghai Shanda Investment Management Co., Ltd.

Chen Bo, Chairman of The Linhui Fund


Wali Khan先生,中东Arqaam Capital资本投资集团执行董事

Opening Ceremony: Gewan Investment China Office

Mohammed Abdulla AIKatheeri, CEO of Gewan Investment

Lexy Chiu, President of Fuwah International Group

Wang Shaojie, President of ZVCA

Chiu Yung, Chairman of Beijing International Fortune Center, and Fuwah International Group

Yang Shaofeng, CO-PRESIDENT of ZVCA

Gan Lianfang, Chairman of Beijng Xingpai Group