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Member Overview

Enno Ventures

Enno Venture is a private equity fund that focuses on technology investment in China, America and Israel.

Enno Venture is a private equity fund that focuses on technology investment in China, America and Israel. Its goal is to promote technologies from all over the world to enter China, bringing   innovation resources to Chinese public companies for  market value management .Public companies in traditional industry lack innovation resources. It is hard for these companies to achieve innovation by themselves. But they can achieve this goal and raise themarket value of their share price by cross-border investment in Israel and America, and at the same time entering into new strategic industry and fulfill the mission of industry transformation .

Our Mission:

EnnoHub Venture will  be the frontier player in cross-border technology investment in China.

We make joint investments with the best investment institutions in China, Israel and Silicon Valley so as to reduce risk and increase success rate, to provide high-tech projects for Chinese listed companies and build industry synergy with Chinese enterprises. Such investment projects exit mainly by mergers and acquisitions or by direct listing.

The  focus of  our Investment: basic technology and applied technology

1. Basic technology: (1) new materials: graphene, nano-materials and carbon fiber.(2)semi-conductor, sensor, chip and integrated circuit.

2. Applied technology: big data, AI, car networking , internet of things, robots, medical apparatus and instruments , medical big health and series new economy space for physics mathematics and chemistry.

(1) By the cross-border applications of artificial intelligence and digital technology based on big data, information technology is introduced into conventional manufacturing industry, bio-medicine and chemistry industry. The whole process creates the new economy and new industry value chains.

(2) New economy value chain: conventional industries +  new technology (internet /mobile internet + cloud computing +big data + software + hardware +sensor chips +service+ capital)=new industry.It contains: the internet of things industry, intelligent agriculture, intelligent city, intelligent manufacturing, Accurate medical treatment and medicine research &development.

The team members have excellent understanding on medical technology, science research technology ,marketing, management, financing and law. The management partners all haveworked in the most cutting-edge technology enterprises before. They have good understanding of technology products research & development and enterprise management. They can make precise predictions on technology, market, team ,mode and industry trends. Most partners are professionals from technology background. They see clearly the trend of future technology innovation.