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Member Overview

Tianxing Capital

Tianxing Capital was founded in 2012.

Tianxing Capitalwas founded in 2012. Tianxing Capital is a professional venture capital organization. After five years development, the company has formed a multi-dimensional advantage in the equity investment field. It also has outstanding performance in terms of team professionalism, investment scale and fund incomes.

The rapid growth of Tianxing Capital highly recognized by the society from all walks of life. It won the highest score of 2015 Annual Comprehensive Appraisal Investment Organization (Zero2IPO Group), TOP11 of 2015 Annual Private Equity (Zero2IPO Group), TOP1 of 2015 Annual Chin’s Best New Three Board Investment Institutions (CVCapital), TOP5 of 2015 Annual China’s Best Venture Capital Institutions (CVCapital), TOP1 of 2016 Annual Chin’s Best New Three Board Investment Institutions (CVCapital), TOP10 of 2016 Annual China’s Best Venture Capital Institutions (CVCapital), etc.

Tianxing Capital has invested in more than 500 enterprises since its foundation, covering TMT, cultural media, military industry, medical treatment, consumer upgrading, energy saving and environmental protection, high-end manufacturing, etc. In 2016, nearly 12.6% of the first batch of new three board innovation enterprises were invested by Tianxing Capital. A total of 281 new three board innovation companies have been selected for the emerging composite index. Among them 31 are Tianxing Capital invested, accounting for 11%. There are more than 120 listed enterprises which are invested by Tianxing Capital has clear IPO plans.