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2020 ZVCA Sino Foreign Capital Cooperation Summit successfully held!

2020.12.29 18:10

On December 29, 2020, the "2020 ZVCA Sino Foreign Capital Cooperation Summit" sponsored by Zhongguancun Private Equity & Venture Capital Association (hereinafter referred to as "ZVCA") was successfully held! The summit is aim to share industry information and new ideas of capital and industry cooperation at home and abroad, with the heme of "China needs the world, and the world needs China" 

This summit gathers well-known Chinese and overseas private equity funds, FOF, institutional LP, industrial groups, economists, etc. to jointly start a new journey of capital cooperation at home and abroad. The summit specially invited the national local associations and the commercial offices of the embassies in China to attend the summit, who linked and invited the national and international capital groups, private equity institutions and enterprise groups at the same time. In the conference, "ZVCA cloud platform for Sino foreign capital cooperation" was officially launched, which will become a platform for Sino foreign capital and industrial cooperation and exchange.

How private equity industry can turn crisis into opportunity, upon the impact of new coronavirus pneumonia on the global economy. How to continue to shoulder the goal of helping the global economic recovery and supporting the development of various industries; How can international capital take advantage of the policy dividend of China's further opening up to participate in the market of China's steady economic recovery, full potentiality, strong resilience; How can Chinese and foreign capital cooperate for a win-win situation and share the huge dividends brought about by future economic development and scientific and technological progress.