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The "ZVCA President's Visiting" into Minsheng Securities achieved a complete success!

2021.12.10 18:33

On the afternoon of December 10, 2021, under the leadership of WANG Shaojie, President of ZVCA, the group of ZVCA members visited and communicated with the Minsheng Securities sucessfully. The group are including of Sino-Century Investment Co.,Ltd, Linghui Venture Capital, New Access Capital, Shanda Investment, Ivy Capital, HGC, Guangming Investment and Xinyuan Group.

At the meeting, FENG Henian, Chairman of Minsheng Securities and Honorary President of ZVCA, warmly welcomed everyone. The manager in charge of relevant business of Minsheng securities made a brief introduction to investment banking, investment research and investment business, and shared wonderful cases as well.

Then, the attendants introduced their investment layout and possible cooperation modes of their respective institutions. President WANG summarized the possible cooperation directions such as fund-raising (cornerstone contribution), project exchange and secondary market value management. Participants also had a heated discussion on potential cooperation opportunities and looked forward to the in-depth special exchange activities in the future.